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Mission Accomplished April 25, 2024

Audit & SAFU Certification

In the spirit of transparency and to ensure the utmost security for our community and investors, the ANGRYSLERF project has undergone a comprehensive smart contract audit. This audit was performed by Analytix Audit, a respected entity known for their rigorous examination of blockchain protocols and an approved auditing partner of Pinksale.

The audit process delved deep into our smart contract to scrutinize the code for potential vulnerabilities, adherence to best practices, and logical consistency. We are proud to announce that our contract has not only met but exceeded the stringent requirements set forth, which attests to our commitment to security and reliability. The full audit report can be reviewed here or link below:

Further solidifying our promise to maintain a secure investment environment, we have obtained the SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) Certificate. The SAFU certification is an additional layer of protection, ensuring that our practices align with the high standards required to safeguard assets against any unforeseen circumstances.

This certificate reflects our pledge to uphold the safety of our users' investments and signifies that the Angryslerf Project adheres to the protocols that minimize risk and enhance security. Details of the SAFU certification can be found here or below:

Our proactive approach in these two critical areas—auditing and certification—demonstrates the ANGRYSLERF Project's dedication to fostering a secure and trustworthy ecosystem. We invite our community to review these documents to understand the robust measures we have in place.

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